Some Books & DVDs on Nature & Biodiversity

Barnes, Simon, Bird Watching With Your Eyes Closed: An introduction to birdsong (London, Short Books, 2011) 

Benjamin, A. & McCallum, B., A World Without Bees (London, Guardian Books, 2008);

Attenborough, David - Any DVD about nature narrated him;

Carson, Rachel, Silent Spring 40th Anniversary Edition (New York, A Mariner Book / Houghton Mifflin Company, 2002);

Fagan, Brian, The Long Summer How Climate Changed Civilisation (London, Granta Books, 2004);

Deakin, Roger, Wildwood A Journey Through Trees (London, Penguin Books, 2008);

Harberd, Nicholas, Seed To Seed The Secret Life of Plants (London, Bloomsbury, 2006)

Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus) & Puffins (Fratercula arctica] in background, Scellig Michael, Co. Kerry

Hickey, Kieran, Five Minutes to Midnight? Ireland and Climate Change (Belfast, The White Row Press, 2008)

Hulme, Mike, Why We Disagree About Climate Change Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity (New York, Cambridge University Press, 2009)

Lovelock, James, Gaia A New Look at Life on Earth (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2000)

Marshall, Natalia, Save the Planet 52 brilliant ideas for rescuing our world (Oxford, The Infinite Ideas Company Ltd, 2007)

Fungus, Kiltoom, Moorehall, Co. Mayo



Laudato Si'

mi' Signore 


Praised be You

my Lord

with all

Your creatures

- St. Francis