Some Reference Books & Websites

People ask what can they do to save plants, trees, birds etc. One thing everyone can do is to learn how to identify them, and below are some of the books that will help you do this. Some of these books are possibly available in your public library.

Atherton, Ian D.M., Bosanquet, Sam D.S., & Llawley, Mark (eds.), Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland: A Field Guide (British Bryological Society, 2010)

Blamey, M., Fitter, R., & Fitter, A., Wild Flowers of Britain & Ireland (London, A & C Black, 2003);

Cabot, David, Wildfowl (London, Collins, 2009);

Chinery, M., Insects of Britain and Western Europe (London, A & C Black, 2007);

Fly - Photo by Adrian McGrath 

Devlin, Zoë, Wildflowers of Ireland A Personal Record (Cork, The Collins Press, 2011);

Doogue, D., & Krieger, C., The Wild Flowers of Ireland (Dublin, Gill & Macmillan, 2010);

Elphick, J., & Woodward, J., RSPB Pocket Birds of Britain and Europe (London, Dorling Kindersley, 2009);

Feehan, J., The Wildflowers of Offaly (Tullamore, Offaly County Council, 2009);

Harding, J.M., Discovering Irish Butterflies & their Habitats (Jesmond Harding, 2008);

Chaffinch on a branch covered in lichen, Newry, Co. Down - Photo by Adrian McGrath

Harrap, A & S., Orchids of Britain & Ireland A Field and Site Guide, 2nd Edition (London, A. & C. Black, 2009);

Lockhart, N., Hodgetts, N., and Holyoak, D., Rare and Threatened Bryophytes of Ireland (Belfast, Blackstaff Press, 2012);

Magner, Donal, Stopping by Woods A Guide to the Forests and Woodlands of Ireland (Dublin, The Lilliput Press, 2011);

Milne, P. & Hutchinson, C., Ireland: Where to Watch Birds, 2nd Edition (London, A. & C. Black, 2009);

Nairn, R., & O'Halloran, J., Bird Habitats in Ireland (Cork, The Collins Press, 2012);

O'Brien, Fintan, Teach Yourself Irish Garden Bird Songs: 27 Irish birds 40 recordings (produced & sold exclusively by the Irish Peatland Conservation Council);

O'Sullivan, O. & Wilson, J. Ireland's Garden Birds: How to Identify, Attract & Garden for Birds (Cork, The Collins Press, 2008)

Fuchsia (fuchsia magellanica), Baltimore, Co. Cork, Ireland

Parnell, J., Curtis, T., & Cullen, E., Webb's an Irish Flora, 8th Edition (Cork University Press, 2012);

Rose, Francis, The Wild Flower Key, New revised expanded edition (London, Frederick Warne, 2006);

Svensson, L., Mullarney, K., & Zetterström, Collins Bird Guide, 2nd Edition  (London, Collins, 2009)

Tolman, T. & Lewington, Collins Butterfly Guide (London, Collins, 2008)

Whelan, P., Lichens of Ireland An illustrated introduction to over 250 species (Cork, The Collins Press, 2011) 



Laudato Si'

mi' Signore 


Praised be You

my Lord

with all

Your creatures

- St. Francis